Saturday, September 11, 2010


The biggest craze right now seems to be vampires. Apparently Cameron is joining in on the craze because he keeps biting his friends at school. He has bit me only
a few times and it hurts so bad. I had a bruise for a week when he bit me on the arm. In the last 2 weeks, I have had 5 incident reports from school. 4 were because he bit and 1 was because he got bitten. I have consistently told him no in a stern voice. I bit him back once. I don't think he has bitten me again since I bit him but he is still biting his friends. He is only 14 months so what do I do? I don't spank and school would never spank him when it happens. I think he is too young for an official time out. I really don't think that a time out would work in this case anyway.

The next question is why is he biting? I honestly think it is a combination of reasons. He is definitely teething (I think he is getting a whole bunch of teeth at once). He doesn't use many words so I am sure it is partly his way of communicating. He is definitely more vocal and aggressive than Jadyn ever was. He is very stubborn. Etc, Etc, Etc.

Now, I know that he will grow out of it unless of course he really does think he is a vampire :). But in the mean time, I am sure that the parents are starting to get pissed. I sure would. I can understand once or twice. But it hasn't been once or twice. (Granted, I am not sure if he is biting the same kid or different ones each time. I guess that would be a great question to ask the teacher.)

So in the meantime, I think I will continue to tell him no biting.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Once again, I realize that I am not very good at blogging. I feel compelled to write something interesting, witty, smart, funny, etc but I got nothing. So instead, I just changed the look of the page to make it more pretty. When I come up with something better, I shall write more.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Feeling Thankful

It's past thanksgiving, but I have heard and read so many stories lately that just make me incredibly thankful for my small but great family!